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Helga Gruenbauer

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Experience Research, Strategy & Design


It  all starts with understanding your customers’ behaviors and workflows  to uncover customer painpoints and opportunities for delivering real value. Research plans and methodologies are customized to meet your  circumstances and needs to ensure the questions you need answered, are  getting answered.  Working closely with your in-house teams and stakeholders across  departments maximizes your domain expertise.

  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Ethnography
  • Interviews
  • Expert Round Table
  • Interactive Activities: Card Sorts, Collaging and Mood Boards
  • Mobile or Diary Studies
  • Usability Testing of Existing Products and Services


Strategy  goes beyond an individual product but is an applied roadmap across  departments, stretching to every area your customers might come into  contact with your brand. Just like a smooth online experience lies  within the transitions and flows from screen to screen, so lies a  successful customer experience within products and touchpoints.

  • Process workflow discoveries.
  • Service and experience blueprints.
  • Customer workflow visualization.
  • Cross-departmental workflow visualization.
  • Look across your industry's experiences.
  • Look at parallel experiences beyond your industry.


Ideation  is more than coming up with a quick idea. Understanding a problem by  taking it apart, stepping back and seeing new connections within the  context of use, allows our strategic thinking do its best work, which  translates directly into intuitive and innovative design interactions.

  • Design Thinking.
  • Good old paper and pencil.
  • Prototyping
  • Model building.
  • Co-design sessions.


Prototyping  brings it all together and provides opportunities to feature newly  designed interaction elements, test product and service solutions before  expensive development dollars are spent on coding and readies them for  the hand-over to your visual design and engineering teams. Don’t have  design power in-house? No problem, we have trusted visual designers able  to help if need be.

  • Mobile as well as desktop interaction design.
  • Solution flowcharts and interaction specifications.
  • In-person or remote prototype testing.
  • Handover of tested and validated interaction designs to your visual design teams.

About Humans in Context



Humans  in Context, LLC is a user experience consultancy providing research,  strategy and interaction design services. We solve problems by  discovering workflows to understand behavior, needs and pain points  within the context of product use or service encounters. We bring to  each project a focus on human factors, motivation and learning to ground  our findings in cognitive and learning sciences. This allows us to  conceptualize solutions that drive business innovation and competitive  advantages.

Helga Gruenbauer
M.S. Human Factors in Information Design

With  extensive experience in the fields of research and interaction design,  Helga is driven by an innate curiosity to understand customer workflows  to form quick connections, clearly define problems, conceptualize new  interactions, and verbalize opportunities.  

Innovation hides in new connections,  let's discover yours...